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Maintenance Detail Program

What is a Maintenance Detail?

A maintenance detail is designed to keep your car clean year-round while saving you money. It is a regular detail, on a regular schedule, at a regular price. Majority of people call a detailer when their car is very dirty and desperately needs to be detailed. When you join our maintenance program, you will be driving in a vehicle kept clean year-round, and paying much less for a detail. This way we can handle your vehicle's cleanliness and details for you.

How Often Should You Have Your Vehicle Maintained?

The answer to this question is really up to your budget and availability and is extremely subjective as not every customer’s situation is the same. However, here are some things to consider:

1. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to detailing your car. If you have the budget and care about your vehicle, then a weekly or bi-weekly plan is not only great for always driving a clean car but also for keeping your car in showroom condition. Also, without a doubt, doing this will get you back the cost when it's time to trade in/sell for a new car, quite dramatically versus a vehicle that was not maintained.

2. Once again, maintenance is much needed. I sometimes get calls from frustrated customers not happy with the price I quote them for a full detail. What they don’t realize is if they had their vehicle maintained before calling us, then that price would have been much different. In fact, it would be significantly lower. Because the amount of money-work required for a car that has been left to sit in dirt and grime versus a car that has been left unprotected versus a maintenance detail will require so much more. Save money, and drive a well-maintained, sparkling car.


After receiving a Full Detail, you will be eligible to join our Maintenance Program.  

Our Maintenance Program is all about personalization, ensuring that it meets your specific needs. While prices may vary based on specific requirements, we've provided some average costs below. These prices are per car, per visit.

Interior Services Included

  • Complete Interior Vacuum

  • Wipe Down of all Interior Surfaces

  • Leather Conditioning (if applicable)

  • UV Protectant Applied

  • Glass Cleaned

Exterior Services Included

  • Wheels/Tires/Wheel Wells Cleaned

  • Complete Exterior Wash

  • Exterior Glass Cleaned

  • Door Jambs Wiped

  • Spray Wax

  • Tires Shined


Prices starting at:


Cars: $75 | Midsized: $100 | Large $125


Cars: $100 | Midsized: $125 | Large: $150


Cars: $125 | Midsized: $150 | Large: $175

At Sparkly Clean Mobile Detailing, we want to find what's best for you and your vehicle. Please contact us so we can tailor our maintenance program specifically for you if needed. 

Join Our Maintenance Plan

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